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CEO and Founder


" I got into the financial business because I grew up in a middle class family, and witnessed many people not properly planning for retirement, or even for the next five years of their life. I wanted to be able to advise individuals and families in building a stronger retirement, in order to be able to leave a legacy for their loved ones.”


Sixteen years ago, David Kilcrease entered the insurance and financial business, at the age of nineteen. He started with financial planning and debt consulting for both families and businesses. David then furthered his education at the University of Alabama, and earning a BS in Finance. Since that time, David has committed to continually expanding his education and knowledge base in order to meet his clients’ ever-changing needs and goals.


After his father died in 2009, David witnessed firsthand the challenges of facing the unexpected death of a loved one. He was struck by the financial hardship his mother experienced and the challenges she faced by what was left for her to live on. His parents did not have a plan in place, and perhaps their most crucial mistake was not hiring the right advisor to help them. As a result, they had failed to obtain the appropriate amount of coverage and lacked a cohesive plan to overcome the income loss which resulted from the death of his father.


Due to his own experience with his father’s death, it is David’s personal mission to educate his clients and to help ensure they have an effective financial plan in place. David meets regularly with his clients to help them overcome the financial obstacles of life with reliable planning and continuing education on our changing markets.


BS in Finance, University of Alabama 

BS in HES, family financial planning and counseling (Currently)

uniform investment advisor law, Kaplan University


Kilcrease Financial, Inc.   GA Lic#192993, Corp#16116138

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